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A green roof has advantages

A green roof from Mobilane has advantages for insulation and for the environment. You can install a green roof on your house, but also on a shed, a carport or a bicycle shed. With a green roof they become one with the rest of the garden! You set it up in the following way.
Installing a green roof
A green roof not only looks nice, but also has many advantages. Naturally, plants are good for the environment as they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Green roofs can thus help to improve the air quality in the city. In addition, it is perfect as insulation of the space below. Thanks to a green roof, it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which can save a lot of energy. Below you will find all the advantages in a row:

Green roofs improve air quality.
Sufficient green roofs can reduce city heat by a few degrees.
Temperature fluctuations (caused by water and light) are less significant. This doubles the life of the roof.
The plants and flowers keep insects alive.
The black roof landscape in the city turns green.
The insulating effect saves you energy.
The vegetation layer muffles sounds.
The sewer is relieved by the drainage of the system.
The greenery is maintenance-friendly and will last up to thirty years with good drainage.


Extensive or intensive

There are two types of green roofs, namely extensive and intensive. An extensive green roof is for ‘decoration’ and cannot be walked on. An intensive roof is more comparable to a garden and can be walked on (roof garden). Very different rules apply to the latter in connection with roof taxes and building permits.

Building permit
A building permit must be applied for before installing an intensive green roof. This is sometimes necessary for an extensive green roof, depending on the size and weight. If the weight of the roof (saturated with water) is more than two hundred kilograms per square meter or the thickness of the substrate layer (specially composed roof garden soil of crushed clay granules and other organic material) is more than twenty centimeters, a permit must be applied for. This is not necessary with a light extensive green roof or vegetation roof.

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