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Cleaning the Coffee Maker

“How to clean a Tassimo machine” This question requires proper attention because, of course, cleanliness and hygiene is of utmost importance. Just having it under water doesn’t mean it is clean as new. There is a certain procedure which you have to follow, before declaring to be clean and ready for using it again. You have to clean your Tassimo machine regularly to make sure that it continues to produce and deliver high quality drinks and beverages.

Step 1:

As the initial step, you have to remove the water tank from the bank of the coffee machine. Clean it properly and then refill it, before keeping it aside. Once this is done, make sure to remove the orange service T DISC from the compartment at the back of the machine.

Open the brewing unit by lifting the handle and pushing up. Once you do this, place the service T DISC, or the Tassimo pods, on the T DISC holder with the barcode facing down. Close the brewing unit by bringing it down forcibly, and then pushing the handle firmly to the machine until there is the clicking sound.

Step 2:

Once the step 1 is done, choose a large cup – it should be of minimum 200ml/8oz – and place it on the cup stand. Press the start/stop button to start the cleaning cycle. Once the cleaning cycle is initiated, just wait and relax. However, during the cleaning cycle, the Status light will flash and the machine will dispense hot water into the placed cup. You don’t have to do anything now – the cleaning cycle automatically stops when the process is done and complete. Empty the cup and repeat the above given instructions 5-7 times as requires, depending upon the days after you’re cleaning the unit.

Step 3:

Now, you have to open the brewing unit and remove the Service T DISC, before replacing the service T DISC into the storage compartment right at the back of the machine. Once the service T DISC is back in its place, fill the tank with cool fresh water up to the MAX mark and replace the water tank by tilting it slightly, and returning it to its original position, until it locks into place.

You have to remove the T DISC holder and piercer unit by pushing it up. The piercer unit can be separated into three parts, if required, for more thorough cleaning. It is recommended that all of the parts, including the piercer unit and T DISC holder, or alternatively known as Tassimo pod holder, to ensure that the drink outlet does not become blocked or choked. They can be cleaned with the help of the dishwasher or by running it just under the tap.

Once it is done, wipe down the brewing unit and barcode scanner gently and thoroughly, with a soft, damp cloth. Your machine is now cleaned and is hygienic and ready to use for making the next drink, served in beautiful Costa Latte glasses.

Now that you know how to clean the Tassimo machine properly, you can finally enjoy the best, clean and safe coffee and other drinks. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy some clean and hot drink!