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Innovative and efficient freshwater production with the Parker HRO Watermaker

Are you looking for a provider of the Parker HRO Watermaker? Then discover the products and services from AquaControl Marine! This is a ‘Premium Service Distributor’ of potable watermaker systems from Parker HRO (Horizon Reverse Osmosis), Sea Recovery, and Village Marine. They provide the marine and offshore market with reliable and innovative watermakers, always with a service-oriented approach. Whether you need a Parker HRO Watermaker for leisure, marine, or offshore purposes, you are ensured of high-quality and durable systems provided by AquaControl Marine. Here you can purchase various units with production capacities ranging from 640 l/day to 1200 m3/day. Learn more about this company and its systems on their website!

The compact Parker HRO Mini for solo cruisers

The Parker HRO Watermaker is part of HRO Systems, which was founded in 1975 and one of the first individual watermaking systems of its kind. HRO was a pioneer in creating the first line of small scale reverse osmosis desalination systems. Their watermakers made the production of potable water more efficient like never before. You can buy various Parker HRO Watermakers from AquaControl Marine, such as the Parker PRO Mini. If you face space restrictions on board, this compact Parker HRO Watermaker is perfect for you. This system is able to produce fresh water, yet keeping a small footprint. Producing 170 – 750 GPD, this desalinator is the perfect choice for the solo cruiser. At the same time, it has a low AC power consumption and has only a maximum system weight of 130 lbs. It also provides easy access to its main components if required.

Make use of great support services

If there is something wrong with your Parker HRO or another kind of watermaker, you can perfectly call upon the help of the specialists from AquaControl Marine. For example, if you need support or new components, they quickly anticipate your request, so you can use your watermaker again as quickly as possible. Thanks to the 24/7 support service of this company, you never have to worry about long-duration defects.